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Zimbar, Inc. will build the pipeline. Your sales people will close the sales.

  What makes Zimbar's approach to new business development different?
Outsource the first stages of new business development to Zimbar,Inc.

We will enhance your company’s sales.

Small to medium size companies who employ new business development as an on going methodology in their sales department see steady sales growth.
The Zimbar, Inc approach will find your company new customers:

.With our first phone call we will begin relationship building with your new customers. 

  .We will work inside your office and develop an in depth customer list. 

  .Open new accounts on your company's behalf. 

  .Enter all data into your system.

What makes the Zimbar, Inc. experience unique?

The customer list that we develop for your company will include contact information, needs analysis, what specific time in the year your product will be purchased, and whom in your new customer your sales person should contact to close the sale.

 How Does Zimbar increase your sales?

Zimbar, Inc. comprises a number of techniques and
responsibilities which take aim at attracting new customers to your company.

We will penetrate new accounts in your desired markets.

Put your sales team face-to-face with the decision makers who control the budgets and vendors their employer chooses to use.

The only social media that Zimbar, Inc. uses to confirm contact information is the telephone, e-mail follow-up when necessary, and internet down loads for lead lists.

Appointment setting, lead generation, and other telemarketing requirements can be part of our function if your company requests that.

Zimbar's business plan works in two stages:

1. Zimbar, Inc. is engaged under the supervision of your company in your office to open new accounts. We will develop a qualified client list.

  Once accomplished: (Step 2 is optional.)

2.  Will hire and train an inside sales force that is affordable and experienced in new business development, and works directly for your company and supports your sales department.

3. We can also specialize in unique products and services, and are also equally effective with standard products and services


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