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Barry Zimmerman’s background is vast. It ranges from cold caller, sales person, sales manager, and business owner.

Barry Zimmerman was employed at Yourdon, Inc. for eight years. Yourdon was an influential B to B information technology training, and publishing company. At Yourdon, Mr. Zimmerman climbed the corporate ladder starting with the position of lead generator. He was then promoted to sales person. Then promoted to Canadian sales manager, and eventually to National U.S. Sales Manager.

Over a period of the next six years Mr. Zimmerman supervised a sales department of up to thirty inside sales people in new business development. Teaching his sales department how to cold call and close business and maintain account relationships. The owner of Yourdon, Inc. has since been inducted into the computer hall of fame. 

After Yourdon, Mr. Zimmerman went on to own two very successful I.T. training companies for 17 years, named KGMA and Zimbar, Inc. Servicing the U.S. and Canadian I.T. community.

KGMA and Zimbar, Inc Serviced  companies such as ATT, Lucent technologies, Canadian Navy, Manulife, Kodak, Veterans Administration, and many more.

After self employment he was employed as an account manager at a training company, a logistics company, he has also been a sales consultant at an insurance company, as well as a sales consultant at a travel agency. All noted positions were in new business development which included responsibilities for the entire sales cycle. His experience is derived from the real world of B to B sales.

Mr. Zimmerman excels at finding new customers, and opening new accounts.

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