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mission statement


Zimbar, Inc. will build relationships and open new accounts for your company.

Zimbar, Inc's target client is small to mid size companies. Our professional interest is only new business development. We will find the right contacts for our client's products and services. Regardless, of whether the contact for their company's products or services is from a fortune 100 company or a mom and pop establishment. With the first phone call, Zimbar, Inc. will begin relationship building with your new account, or reestablish a relationship with an old account. This will begin the sales cycle for new business development for your company.

Zimbar, Inc's goal is to work with your company in establishing a new business customer plan in the beginning and middle stages of the sales cycle. That plan is based on your company’s strategically important territory. We will understand your culture before we make the first phone call. We will research and make contact with the correct decision maker for that department. We will find out who the other, if any, decision makers are for your products or services in that company, and contact them. Zimbar, Inc. will then open as many accounts as possible in that territory for your company in a pre approved time period. Through our efforts of right on qualified information and professional demeanor on the phone, we will generate many contacts and when those contacts purchase your products.

We interview and record all pertinent information that is then entered into your sales’ data base. Zimbar will email out all marketing material to the correct contacts and then transfer the account information to your sales department, as an up to the minute qualified account ready for the continuation of the sales cycle.

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